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We offer you complete bookkeeping for companies, individuals and non-profit organisations, tax records and additional accountancy services at a professional level at very favourable prices. We work in Prague, specifically Prague 5.

> bookkeeping, tax records
> specialising in bookkeeping for non-profit organisations
> complete payroll management
> billing to centres or jobs
> help in accounting for grants and subsidies (for non-profit organisations)
> completing tax returns (tax from income, VAT, road tax, property tax)

We also offer a range of additional services closely related to bookkeeping to make your life easier.

+ representation during inspections at authorities (tax office, trade licensing office, social security administration, health insurance company)
+ sending statistical reports and inspection reports
+ producing reports
+ economic and tax consultancy, tax optimisation
+ deferral of tax return submission
+ setting up new companies, changes to  current ones
+ accounting reconstruction

Our clients mainly comprise small and medium-sized companies, but we also do bookkeeping for a number of large companies. Last but not least, we also provide accounting services to non-profit organisations, whose accounting administration we have many years of experience of.

We always prefer a personal approach when working with clients. We don’t differentiate between small and large clients, and we always endeavour to accommodate the needs of all our clients as much as possible.

We’ve been providing accounting services since 1998, we do our bookkeeping within the POHODA accounting system, and always in line with current legislation.

We guarantee our work both through our contract with the client, in which we accept liability for errors caused by incorrect bookkeeping, and also through our professional insurance with Allianz insurance company.

Your satisfaction matters to us!

Prices of bookkeeping

The price for our bookkeeping services is based on the amount of accounting documents, and is mostly determined individually upon agreement with the client.
A price can be set on the basis of posted items in the accounts (monetary ledger, or a regular monthly fee can be set in the contract.
We are subject to VAT, so you need to add 21 % VAT to the below listed prices.
For non-VAT payers (individuals, non-profit organisations, etc.), however, we provide the option of invoicing exclusive of VAT.
The price list is valid from 1.1.2021.

Maintaining tax records (formerly single entry bookkeeping) from 1,000 CZK/month
Producing annual tax return for Tax Office with flat rate + social security and health insurance returns 2,000 CZK/year
Bookkeeping from 2,000 CZK/month
Producing annual financial statements 1/12 annual invoicing
Payroll management from 300 CZK/1 employee/month
Economic consultancy 500 CZK /hour (in addition to standard accounting by agreement)
Tax consultancy, deferral, audits We co-operate with tax advisors and auditors, price by agreement.

Our References

Legal entities
A15 s.r.o. – architecture studio
Air transport solutions s.r.o. – air transport provision
Augias LP s.r.o. – cleaning company
A.LT – architecture studio
Blue Bloom s.r.o. – e-shop with natural products
Czech Courier s.r.o. – courier services (e-courier)
EKO Překlady s.r.o. – translation services
FACT v.o.s. – architecture studio
Loyd Group s.r.o. – consultancy in energy
M3M s.r.o. – building design
Merkur Casino s.r.o. – casino (payroll)
NOKI s.r.o. – hotel management
Starý a partner s.r.o. – building design
Senovážná šest s.r.o. – accommodation
Tigras s.r.o. – printing house
Uniexport s.r.o. – sales and service of measuring and analytical equipment

Non-profit organisations
Asociace cestovních kanceláří ČR
České ekologické manažerské centrum, z.s.
Sedmibarevno z.ú. – integration of those with learning disability
Společnost DUHA z.ú. – integration of those with learning disability
Studio Hrdinů z.s. – theatre
Univerzitní a základní škola a mateřská škola Lvíčata

Mudruňka Vít – restorer
MUDr. Kamila Branamová - dentist
Novotný Filip – restorer
Péč Martin – sculptor
Široký Martin – restorer

On request, we will be happy to provide you with a complete list of references, including contact details.

About us

We’ve been successfully working in the accounting services market since 1998, and over that time we’ve gained a large number of satisfied and loyal clients through the quality of our work and our focus on the needs of our customers.

Our team currently comprises 12 permanent employees, experienced accountants and a number of external partners. We closely co-operate with tax consultants and sister company M.C. TAXAD s.r.o., IČ: 24156710 and auditors.

We provide external accounting and tax records for approx. 100 companies, mostly of small and medium size. These are mainly limited liability companies (s r.o.), non-profit organisations (registered associations, registered institutions) and individuals.

We prefer an individual approach to the needs of our clients and business relations built on mutual trust, so if you call us or arrange a meeting with us, we will be glad to discuss everything in detail with you, and answer your questions to the last detail.

A guarantee of the professionalism of our services, in addition to our references and our high motivation for the quality of our work, is the professional liability insurance we have taken out in the event of damage caused to our clients.

On request, we will be happy to send you a draft framework contract.


CONFIDOS JB s.r.o. - accounting services, bookkeeping and tax records

IČ: 25635522, DIČ: CZ25635522
Entered in the Commercial Registry held by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, entry 56754.

+420 603 181 075
+420 603 201 654

Jindřicha Plachty 16/535
150 00 Prague 5, Smíchov
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